• Really nice kids!

  • Aw, so cute. :) Congrats!

  • They are adorable!  It is awesome to experience the birth of baby ND's.  I know I certainly love mine and am pretty much addicted!!

  • Lulu is the black and white doe and Buddy is the black buck. :) So much fun. Hang in there Julia. If I learned anything from this experience is it will happen when they are ready not when we are. It's just so awesome.
  • Aaaawwwwwwwww!! So CUTE!! Which is which?

  • Aw, congratulations! I'm a worried mom since "my" first babies are "due" in a week (or more) from my 5 yr old doe who has had triplets the last 2 times. She was pen bred for a month so I don't know when it will happen but 145 days is in a week. She seems so ready! Glad yours came before you went out of town. Me... I'll have some sleepless nights for awhile...

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