False Negative?

Ok ladies I have a doe who is typically very regular in her heat cycles. She came into heat at the end of September and I AI’d her. I thought I got the timing really well but it’s still AI so I wasn’t betting on a sure thing. Three weeks passed and no signs of returning heat. I waited and watched a little longer and at day 31 I drew blood for pregnancy test. And I was a little surprised that it came back negative. But I figured she would come into heat again so or I just missed it and started watching her very closely. We’re now at 7 weeks post AI and still nothing. I keep a wether with my does and he’s caught other girls but not this girl. The bucks on the other fence line run to other girls in heat and blubber and get excited but if she walks by the fence at all they may sniff a little then walk away if they pay any attention to her at all. I know there are other reasons why she may not be cycling but I’m at a loss. She is not showing signs of copper deficiency like they were last year and I regularly bolus them now. They have access to free choice purina minerals. Orchard hay and alfalfa pellets with some dumor goat feed for my milkers. I’m at a loss. I wouldn’t be shocked that the AI didn’t take but I’m just not able to figure out why she isn’t returning to heat. Could it have been a false negative? What else would you try? Thanks!

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  • Hey there Maggie
    I would go ahead and run another pregnancy test to confirm she is open, before putting too much thought into other things :)
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