Doe rebred too soon

I had to leave town on short notice due to a death in my family in early May. My neighbor stepped in last minute to watch my goats for the two weeks I was gone. She isn’t really familiar with goats but she was my only option at the time. She did great and everyone was happy and healthy when I got back but I just learned that one of my does is pregnant. She seems to have gotten pregnant while I was gone and my neighbor confirmed that one day one of my does was in the other pen but she didn’t think anything of it and later she was just put back in the barn with the other girls. I did not know that until about a week ago. She is 3 months along at this point and I’m just going to ride it out. My concern is that she was bred just three months after kidding. Certainly not something I would have let go this far had I known earlier. Ultrasound shows 3 kids. I want to do everything I can to keep her in the best condition since she was bred so close to kidding. Any tips would be appreciated. She currently has access to free choice purina loose minerals, alfalfa and orchard hay plus mixed pasture. She was getting grain on the milk stand but I’ve dried her off since finding out she was pregnant. 

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  • Thanks! Yeah that was this doe haha usually I hear about bucks getting out all the time but nope my doe decided to take herself on a little vacation haha. She looks good so far and she was in good condition when she was bred but I just usually only breed once a year like you so I was worried about her. Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. 

  • Hi Maggie! It sounds like you are doing everything right! I would definitely keep her off the grain as this can sometimes create BIG kids that are difficult to deliver. Just keep an eye on her overall appearance. I know it is not optimal, but many people breed this frequently. I breed only once a year, but had a determined doe that busted down the gate to my junior buck paddock this year, and they all had a grand time. Thanks goodness none of her boys were in there! Best of luck and please share pics when they arrive!

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