Critique for my junior doe

Hi, could anybody tell me their thoughts about my doe? Sunnywood MozzarELLA, sire Tiny Angels Levi Blues, dam Sunnywood Brie, born April 2nd, 2013. I am hoping to breed her this fall, and she has done pretty well at 4h shows I have taken her to. Pictures are from July 2014. 



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  • No, unfortunately we can't go to ADGA shows, but so far all the 4h shows I have been to allow horned goats... never had a problem so it works for me!

  • She's a pretty doe, but if you were thinking of starting to take her to ADGA shows, they don't allow horned goats. I'm surprised you've been able to show her in 4-H. In our area, they don't allow horned dairy goats.

  • Thank you. Her rump is quite short and her legs are a bit post, but overall she is good quality (:

  • I'm no expert, but I think she's lovely.  I sure can't say I see any obvious faults.

  • Sorry, I think there are two of the same photos up there.

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