Bucks Fighting

I had the first successful mating of my NG doe and buck today. That all went very well, but when I brought the buck back to their pen, he immediately began fighting with his pen mate. This was much more vigorous than I'd ever seen before; previously, they just kind of rubbed their heads together with no real forceful contact. The buck that mated received a small abrasion on his head. I was concerned that somebody was going to get seriously hurt so brought the buck back to the doe pen where he immediately proceeded to do his job again. Only one of the does is in heat and so far, he's leaving the other alone.

These two bucks are from the same breeder, with different sires and dams, and have lived together since they were born 5 months ago. The breeder attempted to dis-bud them, but they both have 2 inch horns. Both weigh 29#.

Should I keep the bucks separated, and for how long? Will the fighting diminish as soon as the doe is no longer in heat? The buck and doe areas are separated by about 150' but the bucks are downwind of the does right now.

Is there any problem with leaving the buck in with the does? I don't want to mate the younger doe as she is too small to breed yet (35#). She has not shown any signs of heat. She showed no interest in the buck, nor he in her. The three seem to be getting along well so far. 

I could set up another completely separate pen for one of the bucks, but decent shelter might be an issue as the weather is turning cool and wet this weekend.


Philip Hopkins

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  • Hi Philip
    I frequently note this increase in buck activity when one of my boys returns to the buck paddock after a ‘date.’ I feel pretty certain it is due to the heavy scent of the doe on the returning buck that gets everyone wound up. It typically resolves within a few hours.
    As far as keeping him with the does. Please keep in mind that some does do tend to cycle together, so I would not keep him with a doeling that you do not intend to breed even if you don’t think she is in heat.
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