Blue Eyed Male Kid – great blood lines NW Oregon

Born 11.21.12.  Our bred dam, Irene, from Caprinos produced two beautiful and healthy males. The dam may be homozygous.  The black and white one appears to have better conformity and is still available. We were going to retain the grey-white chamois buckling but decided to sell him too, we just can’t keep a buck. And, the chamois kid just sold, thank you Janee at Royal Ark.  So come get this other boy soon!  Will consider trade, share ??? asking $250 ADGA


Dam: Caprinos BBJ Irene
DS: Caprinos Blues Brother Jake; SD: Goodnight Tahoma Violet; SS: Pholia Farm KM Riot +*B
DD: Caprinos SA Painted Daisy; DD: AGS Cedar Valley Farm Miriam Zaraa LA 2012: VEEV 89, DS: Poppy Patch RC Stowaway


Sire: Pholia Farm HB Rogue
SS: Pholia Farm CF Doenut *B; SD: Pholia Farm HB Soiree 2*M; SS: Pholia Farm KM Copperfield *S
SD: SGCH Jobi Deana 5*M; DD: Jobi Latti 4*M


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