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So we bought a buck September 3, 2012 the day before the birth of my human kid. Now that life is somewhat returning to normal I went to get the paperwork ready to transfer...and it says by 120 days after sale. What do I do? ADGA is closed til Monday and I will be a basket case til then if no one has any advice.

PS Deborah he is one of your bucks, small world!

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  • I wasn't sure where I'd get the best response for my qurstion. If my daughter is interested in showing that'd be great but she's only 6 months. :D So it might be a few years.

  • I'm so glad to know that he has a good home now! He should sire some very good milkers, based upon his pedigree. Since you posted this in "Showing," does it mean you're planning to show? Either way, please keep me updated on him. I love to hear about my babies!

  • Deborah we have AOF AJ's Charles Horace Mayo aka Charlie.

    Margaret the goats make me oh so crazy (like I made my family) I was a week over due and calm as could be, convinced she would come in her own time! I knew my body. But this goat is showing signs and I sweat no more pen breeding!

  • Glad to see someone answered your question! Now you just have to tell me which buck you have!

  • Poor Jaci, so since you have been doing the goat kid, human kid thing at once, you tell me which is worse? I never did it together, although I gave birth 7 times. (wait...I forgot, I did do it at the same time, that's when I had to go in and pull one! I am getting old!) But anyway, I swear the goats make me crazier. I think because I felt I knew what was happening with me, but don't with them. Maybe it is because I knew that I wouldn't miss it if it was me (haha) and could get help if/when needed, but I could miss it with them and they can't come to me and say it's time!

  • Yay! Thank you. I feel alittle better. I'm alittle stressed, if you can't tell... we pen bred in October and our one doe is driving us crazy with 'come and go ligaments' and goo 3 weeks ago which we thought was a plug. Now clear goo for 3 days with ligs that firmed back up. Gah!

  • Slow down and take a deep breath. :) It's going be ok. You do NOT have to have the goat transfered by 120 days. If you do transfer before then the fee is $4.00. If you transfer after 121 days, it's $5.50. That's it. You pay $1.50 more. It's still possible. You can still go ahead and send it in next week and get him put in your name!

    Congrats on your new baby and your new Antiquity Oaks buck!

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