ADGA Linear Traits Diagram - Confirmation

  • Thought that this would be helpful for some folks and I figured Deborah and maybe a few others could elaborate on its use and meaning some! Especially explaining which photos are ideal. It seems to confuse some people that the center is ideal and the left and right are the 2 extremes! And why the numbers on the right are higher than the center!

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  • So, the middle pictures are the ideal? I want to have my girls appraised someday. If they have horns can you still do it?

  • The ideal is not the center....could it be any more confusing???????

    ADGA Linear Traits Ideal Point Ranges

    Stature - meet standard for breed at 4 years of age
    Strength* - 27 to 33
    Dairyness* - 33 to 38
    Teat Diameter - 18 to 28
    Rear Legs - 25 to 30
    Rump Angle - 30 to 35
    Rump Width - 30 to 35
    Fore Udder Attachment - 35 to 42
    Rear Udder Height - 40 to 45
    Rear Udder Arch - 32 to 40
    Udder Depth - 22 to 27
    Medial Suspensory Ligament - 28 to 32
    Teat Placement - 25 to 30

  • I am glad you think so Randi!

    I find it very helpful and back when I was researching NDs my youngest child who had just turned 9 studied it very intensively and seems to have a great eye for this. It was unbelievable how she could look at pics on line and accurately judge those udders. I got the BIGGEST kick out of watching her. She got excited every time she saw an udder and she is not only good at judging them, she is VERY critical! She can spot perfection and expects it!

    She was actually the reason I had become interested in getting the goats in the first place. She had seen a story online about a little 5 year old girl who had her own little milk goat that she milked to get her own milk and she was on-board with the idea that SHE was going to do that. And we were off on the greatest adventure of our lives! Hope this will help others and that we will all learn more about how it works.

  • This is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing :)
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