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Hello, my name is Jacy and I am the founder/owner of Mihi (my high) Trip Nigerian Dwarfs in southern Oregon. I stared my adventure about 4 years ago as a 4-H project with two does. The following year I increased to three does and it was an FFA project, and it was the first year I had babies, two lovely boys who are still near me and I see often. Last year was my huge increase and the year I really started upping my game. I had three does give me babies and I increased my herd to 6 does and 1 buck. I also started attending my local farmers market and selling raw Chèvre. This spring, I ended up having all 6 does give birth and this June I added in another doe, a 7 year old who is a 4*M and possibly the best doe I have, and a *B buck from Diji Farms. I’m september I plan to pickup a very flashy buckling (only my second kid I have ever bought) and sell one of my current bucks. I heard about this page from a good friend and hope to use it to learn everything I can. I hope to make my herd know for does who can show and are also amazing milkers. Thanks for hearing me out :). 

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Welcome, Jayce!  Best wishes to you! :)

Congratulations on your growing herd, and welcome to the group!

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