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First Freshener FF Pre kidding udder development...due feb 19, Updated photos, now at 14 days to go.... at 23 days to go...countdown

50 more days to go. Yolanda is getting heavier and just starting to develop an udder. So exciting, this will be our first kidding. Black one is Yolanda, gold one is the buck. she isn't very big so i am guessing a single

Can't really see the udder starting to develop, but it is. looks like the teats may be a little to the outside as well.

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Good luck, Yolanda!

She's not that small. She could easily have two in there. Plus, she could get a lot wider in the next month and a half. The kids do most of their growing in the last month. Good luck!

I am going to try to remember to take photos every week or so to track the growth.

Please don't be deceived by size.  The first year my Summer kidded, I swear she barely looked pregnant and I even wondered about that.  She delivered triplets!  She did bag up weeks ahead of time, however, practically overnight.

Here are some updated photos at 34 more days until 150. She is getting larger, udder is the same. I might be seeing kids moving but not sure, could just be her breathing. 

How exciting! I hope all goes smoothly with Yolanda's delivery. 

Good luck! Try placing your hand on the back right side of her stomach. Sometimes I've been able to feel little hooves kicking when they get close.

Looks to me like her udder is getting bigger. :-) I don't see anything in her first picture. And her belly is definitely bigger. It is especially looking deeper. Her belly is hanging down a lot lower now.

i was going to wait until 21 days to go, but i just can't hold off any longer. so...23 days to go, due feb 19. or so i think, she came into heat, and then the next week was in heat again so i counted from the last date. so she should be around day 127. anyway her little udder has doubled since the last photo. so at 100 days, i started seeing development start, and now at 127 there is a lot of development. now as to feed. i started feeding alfalfa pellets about a month ago. at the start she liked them, but now she doesn't eat the pellets as well, still has free choice hay, minerals and warm water 2 times a day. 

excited to see how she developes over the next 3 weeks.

remember, she is a FF

I see a big difference! She has good size teats for an FF.

I'm really glad you're sharing these photos! This will be really helpful for newbies who are expecting their first kids. Taking pictures is such a good idea because it can be hard to notice changes from one day to the next.

She looks really good for a FF!

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