What's going on with my doe?

My doe has had a "growing" vulva for a month now. Does anyone have any insight as to what can cause this? I have my suspicions but would like some input from some experienced goat owners. 

creamers july 13 098.JPG

creamers july 13 104.JPG

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  • I thought that it was her tailhead raised, but it doesn't look like this anymore. Last night she was arching and dipping her back, but she seems pretty chipper this morning. No babies yet.

  • Sorry, I'm not clear on what this picture is supposed to show. How is she this morning?

  • Okay, so I think were just now truly rolling into true labor. This is what I saw when I went to check on her one last time before bed.2771468496?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Oh, I will. And yes, the breeder says that there is a possibility.

  • Considering the fact that pregnancy is far more common than false pregnancy, and she is acting like a doe in labor, I'd bet she's in labor. That picture doesn't look like a doe that's going to give birth any minute, but it's impossible to accurately figure out what is going on via a forum. At this point, I'd just keep a close eye on her. My motto is, as long as the goat's happy, I'm happy.

    Keep us updated! I really want to know what happens!

  • Here is a pic taken about an hour ago2771468878?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Have you contacted the previous owner to ask if it's possible that she's pregnant?

  • I was just about to ask if maybe she is really pregnant ???

  • Okay, maybe were getting somewhere, from what I've been reading today pawing at the ground (she's never done that before), panting with  a little grunting are signs of labor.

  • Yes, she is very full, like she will explode. I was watching her and she is paying a bit of attention to them but not sucking. You are probably right, she was probably really uncomfortable. She had a little more goo and cannot get comfortable for the life of her. She is up and down every ten min or so. But no extraordinary signs

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