Here's a question I've had ever since getting my first goat - five years ago. How cold is too cold for a goat to be out. I once read that goats like 36-86 degree weather. Any proof to that?

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  • I guess I never thought of the temp being same inside. Guess I figured if both doors were closed, it would be nicer inside. Yeah, the wind is a BIG problem out here! No trees, no shelters, no wind break! Nothing be 18 acres of blowing wind! With the exception of a house and a barn, but when you are not on the right side, they don't do much!
  • The temperature is not really the issue, because most of us don't have heated barns, so there isn't much difference between the temperature inside and out. The problem is wind, rain, and snow. We have three-sided shelters in all of our pastures, so goats have protection from whatever the weather throws at us. All of the milkers come into the barn every night, but the only time I keep everyone inside is if it's below 10 degrees or we're having a snow storm, because some goats just are not nice, so every now and then, someone will keep another goat from coming into the shelter in the pasture.
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