Twin oaks goat and vegetable farm

Hello. My name is Rob O’Hagan. From Bridgeville Nova Scotia  My wife Leah and I are new to goat life. We have two Nigerian dwarf weathers ( Ollie and Opie) just for pets obviously.  They’re close to 3 months old and we’ve had them since they were a day old. The twin oaks name comes from our 10 year old twin (humans LOL ) who planted an oak tree each up back and we planted the first garden for us ever then add the goats and there ya have it. It’s a just a funny thing we call the property. I’m curious what everyone uses for loose minerals. Any help would be much appreciated. 

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  • Welcome to the group and to the wonderful world of goats! Minerals in Canada can be a challenge. We complain a lot in the US about not getting as much love as cattle when it comes to product availability, but after helping people in other countries, I realize that we actually have a lot more than most -- even in Asian and African countries where goats are quite common.

    I've worked with quite a few Canadians, and you usually wind up with a cattle mineral, although recently someone in Ontario was able to find a good goat mineral. I've noticed there don't seem to be any livestock minerals available nationally for you, so it varies from one province to another, and you're my first person from Nova Scotia to ask about minerals. Here is a chart that I created of five popular minerals in the US. I only recommend the first two. As you can see, they are NOT all created equal! The others are not great. Since you have wethers, you don't have to worry as much about selenium and copper because your boys are infertile already. :) 

    I've also attached a copy of the feed tag of a mineral that is made in Ontario, in case you can get that one. Unless you have copper antagonists in your well water, it should work fine for wethers. If someone else from Canada is reading this, I'd be concerned that there isn't enough copper or selenium in here for good fertility.


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