Traveling with goats

The Hybrid is certainly not large enough for 3 dogs and two goats so we are getting a truck...probably a 94 F150 from my sister to be used when transporting the goats. We Travel about 3 weeks a year, and while we could likely find someone willing to look after them for 2 of the trips we would likely need to take them with us to Dallas for a week at Christmas. We should be able to take them out and let them run around in David's aunt's chain link fence yard twice a day or walk them several times a day at my Dad's without issues from the neighbors and such. Would it be ok for them to stay in the big dog crates at night outside in the yard or on the porch or should we really invest in a livestock trailer for this once a year trip? I have figured out an easy way to keep grain for a week without it getting wet but the hay i am not so sure any suggestions?

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  • I Think I may have found a vet 1.5 hours away, and I found one North of Dallas close to our the event that we were to need one while we were there...evacuated or otherwise. We are sure willing to learn the ins and outs of goat vet care....Just a bit nervous as we prepare for getting them. Found a breeder we like that's even in Louisiana YAY. Will probably have my little bebe's in late spring!!
  • Finding a goat vet is a challenge in most parts of the country. I don't exactly have one. There are a couple that are an hour away, and there is the University of Illinois that is two hours away. Most goat owners learn how to do most of their own vet work.

    Nigerians travel well in large dog crates, so you don't have to have a trailer unless you have too many goats for the number of crates you can carry.
  • That is a pretty good idea. I am having difficulty finding a Caprine vet here. Hopefully I could at least find a sitter. If we ever have to evacuate though I guess I will just pack them up and work it out as we go along. I guess I am just neurotic about my animals. My sister says it gets even worse when you have kids...eeep!
  • Although plenty of people travel with goats (usually taking them to shows), most people just get a farm sitter when they're going on vacation.
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