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My doe had quads last night- all doelings! Two of them are weaker than the others, and I think it might be best to pull them and put them on the bottle.  Does anyone have tips on how to get them to take the bottle? They just sit there with the nipple (Pritchard nipple) in their mouths and do not suck.  How do I get them to switch over to the bottle? The mother is already seeming to reject one of them.

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Lots of time and patience. It could take days. You just have to hold it in their mouth and let it drip out. That's why I love the Pritchard teat. You can squeeze the bottle to help it drip out.

Here is an article about getting started with bottle-feeding goat kids:

Thank you! It's getting easier already!

Yay! Good to hear! and then one second, it's like someone flipped a switch, and the kid acts like it's been sucking on a bottle forever. :) I hope that happens very soon!

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