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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I've deleted Tracy Meltone from the site. She's the one who had two very odd posts -- one about fostering goats and one about electronic ID -- but basically they were sales posts, and she was linking to her website.

When I went to her website, I found nothing about their individual goats, only sale ads, as well as a page that talked about all of their national show wins. When I cut and pasted some of the verbiage, I found that they had copied it from Redwood Hills, which is one of the top Alpine herds in the US. 

They clearly don't know what they are doing because all of the photos on their page are of ND newborns. When I did reverse google searches on the photos, I found that they had copied them from other breeders' websites or Instagram. 

And oh, yeah, another fun thing on their website -- they talked about needing at least two hours to arrange shipping for your goat!!! LOL!!! Clearly they have NEVER shipped a goat in their lives. 

I hope that none of you were fooled by them. 

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So sorry to hear this.  I don't understand why people cannot simply appreciate what is offered to them instead of trying to exploit it.
Thank you for being alert and catching it.

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