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When should a first freshener start to show clear udder development and vulvar swelling. My other doe came to me pregnant and had a small udder and swollen vulva by three months post breeding. She was not a first freshener though. My current doe was bred April 2. She failed to come into heat again after that and she is slightly bigger in her barrel than usual. That said she should be due in about 6 weeks and has no udder development and her vulva is not swollen at all. I’m starting to question whether or not she is pregnant even though for the first three months I didn’t doubt it. When should I expect her udder to develop? I’m thinking about having my vet do an ultrasound to verify but thought I’d check here before I spend the money. Any other signs to check for? Thanks!

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You don't usually see any udder development until a month before the due date -- or even closer. Every now and then a first freshener doesn't have much of an udder until closer to a week before the due date. There is really not much reason to get an ultrasound unless you just want to know for sure. Just keep checking the udder until the actual due date.

Thanks! Now that We’re a month out she is very obviously pregnant. She just popped all of a sudden and I can see movement sometimes. I’ll keep checking her udder to see if she’s getting close to kidding.

Movement can fool you. Sorry I didn't include this last time:

Hopefully, she is pregnant though! This is just more info to keep in mind.

Thanks! I had looked at that article when my first doe was pregnant but it was a good refresher. I guess I’ll know in a few weeks. She’s still very small. At least smaller than my other doe was at this stage. However it’s not so much seeing movement as today I felt a kick when I pressed against her right side. Or at least I think I did haha. She has not come back into heat and she is penned with a weather that has attempted to breed my other doe every time she comes into heat but has not paid any attention to my hopefully pregnant doe. She should be due at the end of the month so I figure it’ll be clear soon one way or the other. Thanks again for your help!

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