Panir/Queso Blanco Cheese


Hi! I have had several people ask lately how much do I charge for making Queso Blanco.  To be honest, I am not sure how much this type of cheese would cost.  Does anybody know what is considered a fair price? I have started making it on a regular basis.  However, I usually 1/2 the recipe and use 1/2 gallon.  It makes 12 oz. of cheese.




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  • I've been thinking about the issue of selling raw milk cheese as well. Here's a thought/scheme that might possibly be legal in states where selling raw cheese is banned:
    Host a "cheese making class" at your house. Price it according to how much cheese each person will be "making," let them be there when you get it started, and then pick it up when it's done. That way you'd be selling a service but it would include a product, right? And you could really make it legit, I bet people would love to actually take a mini-course on cheese making...or if they wanted to be less involved, that'd be ok too.
    As I said, though, this is one of those loophole finding schemes, like buying shares of goats...who knows how state governments would respond? Please don't take my word for it, as Joel Salatin so eloquently put it, "everything I want to do is illegal!"
  • I haven't heard anything about Kentucky. You can call you Department of Agriculture or Dairy Licensing Bureau.
    Here is a list of people in Kentucky who sell raw milk:
    Call a couple of them and ask about the regulations.
    Good luck!

    Tammy said:
    Hi! We live in Kentucky. I can't find anything on selling cheese. Do you know about this state?

  • Hi! We live in Kentucky. I can't find anything on selling cheese. Do you know about this state?

  • Are you sure it's legal for you to sell homemade cheese? In Illinois you have to be a certified dairy AND have a certified kitchen. I'd be looking at a six-figure investment. I know some states are somewhat easier, but I'm not aware of any where you can just sell cheese out of your kitchen.

    I know it's hard when people love your cheese and are asking to buy it, and I did sell a little seven or eight years ago. Then one woman gave it to her mom, who then raved about it to her doctor, and he wanted to buy some. I didn't sleep for a couple nights after that! And I never sold it again!

    A year or two ago, I read about a woman who got in deep trouble because the state got wind of her selling cheese, and an undercover agent came to her house begging her to sell her cheese. She said it was for a special occasion, and she'd heard that this was the most delicious cheese ever, blah, blah, blah, and the woman finally gave her some cheese, and bam! She was in trouble with the state. What is completely unfair and WRONG about state regulatory agencies is that they don't have to abide by the same rules as police. The above scenario is totally entrapment, but for some reason that I do not understand, state regulators do this all the time. My husband reads a blog called "The Complete Patient," which is supposed to be about holistic medicine, but he probably spends about 80-90% of his time writing about raw milk and farmstead dairies.
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