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Moving out of State - I need advise to Transport 3 Does and 2 Dogs


We just moved from Western North Carolina (WNC) to Southern Maine around a month ago. I am planning on flying back to WNC in the next few days to pick up some of our Nigerian Dwarf goats (3 does) and our 2 dogs (Great Pyrenees). Problem is that we don't have proper vehicles for this task as all we have is a Toyota Red Van (kind of untouchable for this job as it is the family vehicle) and a Hyundai Tucson (which I've used in the past for transporting the animals of our small farm in relatively short distances). I guess we need to RENT a Cargo Van or similar vehicles (we're looking at 965 miles drive).. Also, lots of water, a kind of tarp for covering the floor inside the vehicle to not make it so nastily dirty as a result of animal's waste during the trip. We probably may need to think of performing a health-checking job (with proper certification) just in case problems arise along the way when crossing states (it's just a thought) as well as dog crates for the our three does. 

I have to mention that a friend of mine who's a mechanic told me that even on a medium size four-wheeled trailer being hauled from an appropriate vehicle there will be a problem resulting from the trailer bouncing up and down like crazy all the way up here in Maine and the animals thus will arrive nearly " dead "  with exhaustion and stress. I'm not sure about that.

Does anyone know of a reliable vehicle rental company for this task we're about to undertake ? What kind of tip can I get from any of ya'll who've gone through this experience before ? -- Thanks a lot ! Any help on this inquiry will be much appreciated !


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