Milking Supplies

Thought I would share some resources for milking supplies that I have found that come from some less than traditional goat sources.  I'm hoping others will jump in here and share their finds too!

Scale:  Pelouze Model #7842 is on the recommended list from the national DHIA for milk testers.   You don't need one this fancy, but if you think you might ever want to do milk testing, you might as well get this.  Best price I found it on-line was at   $23.49  

Milk Pail:
Since we are milking small dairy goats, the 2 quart pail is usually the most practical and you can pour into a larger pail before weighing if you are blessed to have one of those does that milks in the 4# + range.   The cheapest I have found is at    The 2 qt stainless steel pail is seamless and usually priced at $4.88 but is on sale right now for $3.66!    The 6 quart version is on sale right now for $9 and that size is handy for so many things around the farm.  And if you really want a big bucket the 13 quart (3.25 gallons) Stainless Steel Pail is on sale now for $15.95.

Oh and Jeffers Livestock also has some of the best prices I've come across on goat halters.

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  • This post is an excellent idea! I think I paid $30-something for my scale, and I bought a lot of over-priced milk buckets before I realized how cheaply Jeffers sells them.
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