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Hello! Okay, so I am sure you all know by now that I do not have milking does. However, when attending shows and trying to to promote the Nigerian, the most common question I cannot answer is "How much milk can they provide compared to a larger breed?" Not knowing, I just say a lot. Now, the lady who likes to ask me this doesn't consider this breed a real dairy type breed and says my does are useless pets. Rude, right? She raises Toggs and thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread!!! So, I'd like as many replies as I can get to prove this lady wrong! Thanks! WG4

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  • Thanks for the replies!!! Now I'll have some knowledge, come next show time!!
  • Ooooh! I know who you're talking about, and that is rude! She's never said that to me, probably because she knows that I'd have a lot to say!

    I usually tell people they give one to two quarts a day -- BUT it has two to three times as much butterfat (6 to 10%), so if your main purpose is cheesemaking, it's a more efficient source of milk. Toggs are a terrible source of butterfat, so I'd never recommend them to anyone wanting to make cheese. La manchas and Nubians have the highest fat milk for the big breeds, but when I made cheese with my LM milk, the yield was HALF as much as what I get from my ND milk. NDs are gaining in popularity for farmstead cheese operations. I know of three such operations in the US. Pholia Farm is one such place. There are two others on the East Coast, but I can't remember the names right now. Check out that website -- not only does Gianaclis have a successful farmstead cheese operation, she also has a book coming out next year about how to create your own farmstead cheese operation.
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