Just a funny milking question

Does anyone here think it's possible for a doe to give more to her favorite milker?

My Will and I share duties; I almost always milk in the mornings, Will in the evenings. The evening haul is always more than the morning, unless I substitute for Will. It's generally 2 1/2 to 3 cups in the morning, and at least 3 cups in the evening.

The milking times are 7:30am and 8pm, which means there's an extra half hour to build up for the evening.

It wasn't always like this. Our scores were pretty identical until about a month ago. I really don't think Will is a better milker than I am! XD

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  • Goats give more milk to their babies because they love their babies, which triggers oxytocin release, which is why babies will always get more than any human milker. However, I'm not aware of any similar research done comparing human milkers.

    My daughters used to always get more milk than me, but I think that's because they were younger, stronger, and had more stamina.

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