I am a little on the technology challenged side so I think I was supposed to introduce myself here instead of on "My Page". My husband and I have a small farm in Florida. We have been boarding horses for about 12 years but 2 years ago we were at the Florida State Fair and fell in love with the goats. I purchased 2 doelings from a breeder. We had babies this past Sept. and I have been handmilking since then - I am glad to have found this website. The person I bought my goats from does not milk and I have read bunches but there are many "unanswered questions". I am very interested in trying my hand at cheese making.

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  • Hi Linda and welcome! You introduced yourself in the perfect place!

    I've been making cheese since I brought home my first does seven years ago. I'd recommend you go to and get one of their beginner kits. Making cheese is really easy, and our little goats make the best cheese!
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