My name is Apryl and I love in the small town of Munford, Al in the northeastern part of the state. My husband and I started several years ago with Boer goats, added Kikos early last year and, finally, this year I was able to get the dairy goats I've always wanted. I currently have 4 Nigerians: Tarzan, my herd sire ~ Jane, my only doe (for now) ~ Buzz & Woody, my 2 wethers. I plan to start my breeding later this year or early next year if everyone cooperates : )... Just in case you can't tell, 3 of my 6 grandchildren helped name the Nigerians and I figured the Disney theme would keep us in names for a LONG time. I originally wanted dairy goats to learn cheese making but have become interested in the show aspect as well. If time ever allows, I might try showing a goat or two. My babies all came from Little Star Goat Farm in Pell City, Al (Thanks Judy!!!) and I am absolutely in LOVE with them. I am always looking to learn more about goats, and especially my Nigerians so thanks for allowing me to be a part of this group. Apryl

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  • Glad you're here, Apryl! I've thought about Kikos, but I probably shouldn't add any other animals to our homestead. We're pretty busy already, but the big thing is that I'd have to get more bucks. I already have too many. :)
  • Welcome, welcome! I love the names!!
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