Hi y'all

Just found this group and looking forward to getting to know everyone. I've been breeding Nigerians since '04 on our 6 3/4 acres of north central Texas. If you'd like to see my goaties take a peek at my website, www.debpnigerians.com . I love to show, and dream of learning how to make soaps and maybe even cheese someday. Thanks for having me in your group!

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  • Hey!

    Welcome! Love the site! You have such a variety of color in your herd! Very pretty does, I might add.

    Again, welcome!

  • Welcome to the group! Once we get closer to show season, I imagine there will be a lot of questions about showing, which is an area of the forum that's been quiet since we started up last year. Although my daughters used to love showing, they've moved on to other pastures now, and I'm just in love with my goats' milk! I make about six or seven types of cheese, plus buttermilk, yogurt, and soap. We also raise four pigs every year, and they get the whey from the cheesemaking. After reading your post, I was just thinking that we should have a post in the "Home Dairy" section that lists cheesemaking and soapmaking resources and suppliers!
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