Hello from Utah

We are a small Homestead, I have a large garden, 2 pigs, 2 Nigerian dwarf does, 3 Nubian does (one who has been sold and is just waiting until she kids), and1 pygmy goat doe and one Nigerian dwarf Buck.chickens, cats, rabbits and 3 dogs.
Presently I am waiting on 4 does to kid, Hopefully it won't take much longer as I am getting very tired.

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  • Welcome! The waiting can be so draining...
  • I really enjoyed reading your introduction. It made me start wondering what life would be like without our animals! They add so much! Plus it is very fun to meet people who love the same animals and are so willing to share what they know. Welcome and hope you enjoy the site! :->
  • I have 2 weiners that we got about a month ago, this is my first time ever having pigs. So far I love having them around, we will see how it goes as they get bigger.
    My one doe Mai Tye, should kid today, sometime...I think she is waiting for me to leave for 20 min and take the kids to preschool. I hope not but she probably will.
    The other 3 will probably do the same thing.
    We can't wait for fresh milk, have been buying milk at the store for a month, we are all not enjoying it at all.
  • Welcome to the group! Pigs and goats go well together. We had four pigs until a few hours ago, when they went "down south" to the processor. They get all of the whey from our cheesemaking. Are your pigs pets or future meat?

    We start kidding next week. I can hardly wait. Kidding is my favorite thing on the homestead.
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