Hello from the heartland

Hello everyone and thank you for your warm welcome!  I do not have any goats yet and quite frankly I don't even have any property either.  We sold our house last fall and are looking for property in our area, but any amount of property is quite expensive.  I was searching around the net yesterday for info on goats and happened on this webiste.  Frankly, this was the first time I had heard of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.  I will be posting questions about them in the future, but have already learned so much already from all of you!  Thanks, Rebecca

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  • Hi Rebecca,
    Welcome from Ohio. I am sure you will learn so much from this site. I just have my first two Nigerians, purchased in Jan.
    Although I have had a larger breed of goats since 1998. I just love my little Nigerians, they are so much easier to handle and work with. I look forward to the kids coming soon. Goats are a very easy animal to raise and they can really get attached to you too. When you find your land, they may be the perfect pet.
  • Welcome! And good luck on your property hunt!
  • Excellent! It's great that you're doing so much research before taking the plunge. NDs are especially good for newbies because their small size make them much easier to handle. We moved from the Chicago suburbs eight years ago and haven't looked back!
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