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How soon after miscarriage can I expect a doe to return to heat? Is it ok to breed her again on her next heat? Thanks! 

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She will usually come into heat about 21 days later. As with so many things goat related, the question of whether or not you can breed her is ... it depends! 

How far along in her pregnancy was she? 

Why did she miscarry? 

What is her body condition score? 

What is her FAMACHA score? 

What brand of goat mineral do you have available? 

She was 8 weeks along she is in good condition. She’s a petite doe but she’s proportional. Her famacha score is good she’s in category 1 and I use a combo of DeraFerm goat and replamin gel. Why did she miscarry? I couldn’t say for sure. We’ve had issues with mineral deficiencies this year since we moved across country last summer, but I had thought we were on the right track now. She also experienced an attempted predator attack the week before. Luckily my LGD chased it off but he was chasing her when my LGD was running towards them. Was that stressful enough? I couldn’t say for sure. I know she could still be having some mineral issues as well. I’m just going to see how she does between now and her next heat and go from there. Thanks!

If this is the mineral you're using, it's low in selenium, which is very important for fertility:

Sweetlix Meat Maker and Purina both have 50 ppm selenium, and even with that, some goats still need more selenium. Less selenium would be fine for wethers, but I wouldn't recommend a mineral with only 16 ppm selenium for any goats that are breeding.

Stress can cause miscarriages, but how much stress could cause a miscarriage is going to vary from goat to goat. 

My other question is ... how do you know she miscarried at 8 weeks? I've had a doe passing blood at about that stage of pregnancy, and she went on to deliver just fine three months later, so that's not a definitive sign. 

Well if that’s true then I guess I don’t know for sure. This is my first experience with a natural miscarriage. The only other time I’ve had a doe bleed is after an induced abortion with Lute after an accidental breeding with a standard size buck. The doe in question now did bleed for 3-4ish days which is why I assumed a miscarriage. Also the bucks suddenly became interested in her again when she started bleeding though she did not reciprocate. I guess I’ll just see if she comes back into heat and if she doesn’t I’ll reultrasound. Thanks!!

If she was bleeding for 3-4 days, that sounds more serious. If it was only one day, then I wouldn't be so sure. 

I'd look over the other things I mentioned in my last post to see if you can get a mineral with more selenium in it. BoSe injections are not a long-term solution if you have chronic selenium deficiency. And you should not give BoSe during pregnancy (according to the label). 


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