Goat milk paint

Has anyone on here ever made goat milk paint? The recipes I'm finding call for skim milk, and you know that's not exactly possible with goat milk unless you have a cream separator, which I don't. I thought that maybe I could use whey from cheesemaking, but then read that the casein is the important ingredient in the paint, and that all goes into the cheese. Googling milk paint gives me a lot of irrelevant links. Do any of you have a goat milk paint recipe? Any idea if whole milk is okay?

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  • Thanks! This is very different than the other recipes I've found. It has a LOT more lime in it.

    Dianea Fay said:
    hi I'm a new farmgirl sister and leaning lots from you all. In my goat milk book. (Goats Produce Too! The Udder Real Thing Volume II)
    I haven't tried it yet but would like to in my milking parlor this summer. Here is a receipt for you from this book.

    Goat milk paint,
    1 gal goat milk
    6lb slake lime,
    1/2 cup linseed oil,
    3 oz calcim carbonate

    mix all the ingredients in the order they are listed, mixing each ingredient thoroughly before adding the next. Recipe makes one gallon. Store in a tightly covered container. Mix thoroughly before using. Can be used inside on barn walls or in the house.
    Slake lime and Calcium Cargonate can be purchased through a local hardware store or grain elevator. Color can be added by using a point pigment powder, available at an artist supply shop.
    This paint is durable and safe for the house and the barn. Goat milk whitewash is great for those miling parlor walls! It has a clean scent and seems to help repel flies and insects.

    Hope this help alittle for you. If you try it let me know how and what you think of it.
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  • I'm sorry to be a pain, but I've never used that site before, and the only search engine I could find on there asked me which category to search in -- and there are about 30-40 categories. I looked in the most obvious, but after half an hour, it seemed like it would just be quicker if you could give me the link. I assume you're talking about the forum? That's the only search engine I could find on the whole Mary Jane site. I even registered to become a member, so I could post my own question, but they still have not approved me. :(

    Dianea Fay said:
    I typed in milk paint and there were a couple of post one that had recipe. Don't forget to take photos when you are done.
  • I spent about half an hour on there and couldn't find the recipe. Do you have a specific link?

    I'm going to paint the barn office, and I thought it would be nice to use something non-toxic.

    Dianea Fay said:
    Try Mary Janes FArm Girl connection there is a post on milk paint and they are using whole milk. What are you painting?
  • I thought they had a recipe for goat milk soap, but I checked last night, and all I could find was a whitewash recipe that they use in their goat barn. It has no goat milk in it, just water.

    Dianea Fay said:
    Try this site I am not sure if they have anything but this is the one I wa thinking of Fias Co Farm
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