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Hello All! I have silently been reading for years, ya'll are so helpful - I was wondering if you have any advise for me.  One of our does had three kids last week, two regular size, one super small (1.4 ounces on the second day).  A week later, she is running and jumping along side her siblings and seems fine - except that she has a constant spot of ear-gunk crusted around the bottom of one of her ears. I have been cleaning it daily but it always comes back.  That ear is also particularly oily inside.  What could this be, and what should I do about it?  My dogs have all had ear infections this spring because of the oak pollen in Texas...however she is newborn and that doesn't seem like it could be an issue already (plus oak is gone now).  I am hesitant to use anything I would do for my dogs because she is so small and could hugely be effected by small drops of essential oil or whatever. Anyways, advice would be appreciated! 

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I'm assuming you meant she weighed 1.4 pounds (not ounces), or was there a different typo in her weight? 

She is a cute little thing! I'm not seeing anything in the photo, but I have never had a Nigerian with any weird ear stuff. It's fairly common in LaManchas because of their gopher ears, which are mostly closed up and accumulate a lot of gunk. But even with them I never had to clean their ears until they were many months old. 

When you say base of ear, that makes me think outside her ear. Is that what you mean? How are you cleaning it? Is it just yellow and waxy? How many days ago did you notice it? 

yes! 1 lb 4 oz.  you are right.  Here is a picture of her ear specifically.  I have just been using my fingers (dampened with water) to scrape off the goop.  Its sort of whitish yellow and waxy. I noticed it almost away. She was born last Tuesday - I noticed it last Thursday.  So its been over a week, its not that much, just seems unusual and a little build up each day. Most of it is at the base of the ear, where the two sides come together in the picture. 

I have never seen anything like that before. In the photo it looks gray, but if it's yellow and waxy, that sounds like what was in my LaMancha ears. I never noticed it that young though. Makes me want to go outside and check my current kids' ears. 

Thanks - it cleared up on its own. I guess its just a mystery :)

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