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Hi everyone,

  Could someone please explain exactly what  dry lot is?  I've read about them over and over but still haven't seen what that means exactly.  Our 4 wethers are coming this week and I've fenced a 20X22 area  lot off the barn to give them that space when they are not being moved about the field in moveable pens. Right now it has brambles in it and no grass but does have other forbs growing, until they are eaten down.

Also, as it will be muddy when it rains, as it is, should I add a layer of wood chips, which we have stacked near the barn for other purposes?

   Thank you!

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If you are talking about wood chips -- not shavings -- I would not use those because of the risk of splinters in the goat's hooves. Most people use sand or some type of rock or gravel in a dry lot. As long as there is no grass in there, you don't have to worry about worm transmission because the larvae need grass for the goats to eat them. 

Thanks Deborah,

   For covering the lot, rather than stones or sand, would there be any reason not to use dried leaves that had fallen last year?

You could try dried leaves, but I'm not sure how long they'd last, and I'm not sure they'd help the mud situation much. 

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