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I have two goats I want to register with ADGA (Mother and son). They are both already registered with AGS. This will be my first time registering goats with ADGA and I find the registration form quite confusing and daunting. I'm guessing I want to re-register them both? How does that differ from just registering them? Could I send in both their forms at the same time? or do I have to send in the Does form first before her sons?  

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Did you buy both of them, or was the kid born on your farm? Do you own the kid's sire?

I bought the doe and 8 months later bred her to a buck I had at the time. The doe came with a filled out AGS registration form, so with her I just sent in the form with a transfer and registration fee. Because of seeing how the AGS form was filled out, when her son became a father, I registered him with what I learned from registering his mother and some help from emailing AGS.

My main confusion is with the fee. If re-register is what I want, Is it in addition to the registration fee or instead of? and Is there also a transfer fee needed for the doe I bought?

It might be worth calling ADGA and talking with Natosha Player. She was VERY helpful to us when we were trying to register our kids which were the result of both A.I. and E.T. and which were derived from some animals which only had AGS registry. A two minute phone call will help you get it sorted. Just dial the main ADGA number and ask for her.

As I recall, the AGS registration is sufficient to just directly register with ADGA. You might need to send the AGS registrations (assuming they are in your name) to ADGA. (I forget just what we did; maybe we sent a scanned copy.) You might need to get the buck/sire registered with ADGA too for the kid.

Natosha will help you out if you give her a call.

Good luck,


You pay only the re-registration fee if you own an AGS animal that you want to register with ADGA. The transfer fee is only for ADGA registered animals that are being transferred from one owner to another. However, I agree with Michael that it's a good idea to call ADGA if you have any questions. It will save time and frustration in the end.

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