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i was wondering if dbl teats cause problems for milking? i have a lamancha/nubian she's big and looks like she's gonna have huge udder. she has your normal teat, then between the teat and her udder area, she has a smaller teat hanging. do you think this will be an issue. she will be bred in sept-nov. so she will almost be 2 when kids her ff

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Size of the goat has nothing to do with the size of the udder, and size of the udder has nothing to do with whether or not it will be hard to milk if the doe has extra teats. It's all about placement of that second teat. Since the doe doesn't have an udder now, it's hard to say if it'll be a problem. If it's at least an inch away from the real teat when her udder is full, it shouldn't get in the way. If it's not right next to the base of the real teat, it will probably be far enough away to not be a problem, but you'll just never know until she freshens.

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