Critique my new doeling?

Got this beautiful girl from Anna at Camanna's Petite Paradise a couple weeks ago and she is just awesome. To me, she's perfect, but I wanted to know what you guys thought of her in terms of conformation. I want to know any strengths/weaknesses she has, and please, be as nitpicky as possible lol! I will update pictures whenever possible, and certainly will soon with a higher resolution camera for better pics. Please excuse the terrible ones I have for now, it was dark, the camera was on an old Android phone, and she was quite uncooperative lol! Thank you for any and all replies!

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  • Lol I agree they change! She's been going on and off with having a level rump, when I first got her it was terrible. I was even a bit disappointed. But I still loved her, and knew that she would probably have all kinds of faults on and off until she's fully grown. RIght now, she has a great rump! I have a feeling that it will get better, then get worse,then get better again, then repeat lol. 99% of the goats in her bloodline have nice, level  rumps. Her maternal grandmother's rump is nearly flat! I'm worried that she's going to look faulty at the time of the Oregon State Fair, since she's such a young doeling and has a lot of growing to do. Which is one of the reasons why I most likely won't show this summer. I think that if I wait until next summer, when she's over a year old and has done most of her growing, she'll do a lot better. Hopefully even get her dry leg :)

  • I never got an email that this was posted so just noticed it when I happened to be on the group home page. She is a pretty little doe with a nice, long body. The thing about doelings, however, is that they will change. That is why I usually let buyers choose which kid they want if I'm going to keep a kid out of a breeding. From one month to the next, two siblings will go back and forth and being my favorite if I'm just looking at their conformation.

  • So does anyone have any opinions on her? If you need better pics let me know :) 

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