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Cornell Goat and Sheep Health Day Sept. 21 - FAMACHA Certification

For those of you who want to become FAMACHA certified, learn more about parasite management (including the latest research on COWP) and other goat (and sheep) health issues, Cornell University in Ithaca, NY has a terrific program scheduled for Sept. 21. Here are the details, courtesy of Dr. Tatiana Stanton of Cornell:

The Goat & Sheep Health Day takes place on the Cornell campus but we have also rented 4-H Acres so that 4-H families and clubs can stay at this 4-H camp for free.  However, all adults who stay at the camp need to have been background checked by their county just as if they were staying in the NYS Fair dorms. We have also blocked rooms at local hotels.

I have attached the most current schedule here. If you want to have a table to advertise your farm or business, table displays are available for $10. The invitational letter (including lodging info), registration forms, etc. are all on the web at

21 September 2013 - Cornell Goat & Sheep Health Management Day

Thanks, tatiana


Dr. tatiana Luisa Stanton
Small Ruminant Extension Specialist
Dept. of Animal Science, Cornell Sheep & Goat Program

114 Morrison Hall 
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853

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