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Hi everyone! I am Adrienne. I just bought my first home in Pearl River La...It's about an hour in good traffic from New Orleans. We have 1.5 acres. We drink a large amount of milk, and what started out as a joke to put a cow in the back yard has now become a real possibility...with goats instead of cows of course! We have 3 Rat Terriers and a cat right now. The cat is indoor only and the dogs are mostly indoor dogs except for going outside 4 times a day to potty and their 1 hour walk each day. They like to romp around outside when we work in the yard. I have decided that we should get ND's because I liked the fact that they are small and breed year round. I have done a lot of research, but it still seems to have generated more questions. I want to start with 2 doeligs and breed them at 1 year old. Staggering their breeding to supply the two of us with milk for the whole year. I am hoping to sell the kids or offer them in exchange for breeding services. I am hoping that this group will help answer my questions as we prepare for goats and on into our first few years of goating!

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  • Welcome to the group! We had the same desire to have our own dairy supply and made the plunge seven years ago. I just wanted a couple of goats so I could make chevre. Today, we make buttermilk, yogurt, cheddar, mozzarella, chevre, queso blanco, and parmesan. We haven't bought milk in several years. I also make goat milk soap, so as you can see, we really love these little goats! We usually milk about 10 from spring through fall, then only three or four through winter -- basically for our fresh milk needs in the winter. NDs will be perfect for your small acreage.
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