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We are about to depart on our relocation from the west to the east coast, 3040 miles with 4 does +1 dog + 1 7 year old + parents in toe.  Husband is driving the rental van and I am driving the pickup with the goats.  We plan on staying in campgrounds along the way.  Does anyone have any words of advice or thought on campgrounds and goats.  Will we have any issues?  Are campgrounds generally OK with goats?  Do we need to call ahead? Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated since we are greenhorns at this and have never done this before.

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I do not personally have experience with goats and campgrounds.  There are people who use wethers as pack animals which would lend itself to taking goats camping.  If I were in your position I would plan a route and call ahead.  It would stink to be really tired, in need of rest and time to tend your animals only to be turned away.

Safe travels, enjoy the trip!

I agree to call ahead but if you don't get a chance too - just find a spot in the back and out of the way. Goats can be noisy.

I traveled across country with a dog, a cat and several guinea pigs - from Arizona to Massachusetts.  I found it easy to just stop where I wanted and no one bothered me about anything but that was 20 years ago!

I bet people will just be delighted with the little darlings! Have fun! 


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