Avoiding goaty flavor

Just discovered this excellent resource that explains where goaty flavor comes from and how to avoid it. I've heard all sorts of things over the years about this problem, and I could never figure out where the flavor comes from, because we only experience it a couple times a year. People have said that X or Y keeps your milk from getting a goaty flavor -- like cooling milk in ice water -- but even when we did that religiously, we'd still get the off-taste every now and then. This page explains everything that you need to do to make sure you have delicious milk every time. And I can certainly attest to the importance of first squirts into a different container, because recently I was noticing an off-taste, and I asked my daughter if she was doing first squirts, and she hadn't been. She started again, and the milk tastes good again. Anyway, here's the site:

If you have the time to look around the site, there are also some great cheese recipes! This gentleman is a college science professor and has had dairy goats and been making cheese since the 1970s.

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  • We have the ginger ale mixed up, and it is now fermenting. It says it will take 24-48 hours, so I'll let you know how it goes. I want to make the cream soda (on the root beer page), but I don't have any more plastic bottles. I found a bottle of sparkling water and am working on drinking that so I can make the cream soda next!

    Dianea Fay said:
    Pretty intresting site. You will have to tell me how your ginger ale goes. Does not have a lot of ingrediants in it does it.
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