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Does anyone have experience using Teff hay?

I got my hands on some and stocked up for the winter--mainly because that's what was available by the time I got around to stocking up for the winter. A friendly acquaintance had grown it experimentally for the first time, and I was just happy to have found anything, with the summer we had.

From what I've read, it's high in protein and calcium. Since we keep a wether with the does, and they all have to eat the same thing, I'm concerned about the calcium content for him.

This particular hay was harvested after heads formed, but on preliminary inspection, doesn't seem to have a lot of seed in the bales. Hopefully most of it fell off in the haying process...?

UC Davis reports the protein content average is 12-17%. I've looked for a calcium content estimate, but can't find numbers. The calcium:phosphorus ratio is reported by Kentucky Equine Research to be 2:1 at all stages of maturity, which looks like the recommended preventive ratio (for keeping wethers stone-free).

Would you pre-emptively supplement the wether with ammonium chloride? Or am I being a little paranoid because I read the words "high in calcium?"

Thanks for reading, and I hope all of you have your barns filled as well!

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This is interesting! We don't have it available in my area, but Standlee is working on creating a teff hay pellet, and I'm anxiously awaiting sampling it. The 2:1 calcium to phosphorus sounds great. I wouldn't worry about stones, but with a higher calcium content, be on the lookout for possible zinc deficiency in wethers. That's really not a big deal though. It's happened to my bucks multiple times, and just reducing the calcium in their diet has always fixed it.

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