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I have a doe and wether, both about 8 months old. I know the wether does not get grains but should my for in winter, along with hay? Also, when I feed her grain is there anything I can feed my wether so he won't feel "left out"?

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To my knowledge, no other feed is needed. Minerals and kelp. I also feed a very small amount of black oil sunflower seed for selenium, but by small, I mean probably less than a tbsp a day for each goat. If you're looking to provide treats, I recommend extra browse. My goats LOVE cut branches from trees, and they munch pine trees too, so ask around at Christmas time. See if you can get your hands on trees from friends and family. Just be sure they didn't use any chemical preservatives to prolong their tree life. :) Have fun!!

I have a doeling and a wether as well, both 8 months old, and had the same question! Thank you so much for asking it first, and thank you for an answer, and the sunflower seed suggestion for selenium! 

ok, so I admit it, I cut up apples from time to time for mine - and they enjoy carrot peelings also. ^^

yeah, we give them all of our apple cores, pear cores, carrot ends and peelings, they love raw cabbage, orange peels and even pomegranate peels. I figure the tropical fruit peels are okay given the goats origins :) So far so good. 

I ended up mixing 5 parts into one can, and giving everyone the same mix, but less for wether and doeling not giving milk or pregnant. 1 part sunflower seed, 2 parts mixed grain, 2 parts alfalfa pellets. 1/4 cup 2x daily for wether and doeling, and 2/3 cup twice daily to milkers and pregnant does. Plus some raw carrot and apple scraps, etc. Seemed fine! 

I was going to say that u could give them some pelleted hay too! But I will tell u one thing that I have never seen mentioned and most of mine love. Banana peelings! Almost no animals eat those, but my goats love them. They did not eat them when first offered, but after awhile they decided to try them and just love them now! I do peel them down to where the strips are real thin about a quarter to a half inch and that is a good freebie snack that we can always have around. If they are here we can go through a dozen or more a day easy. Some of my kids will eat 3 a day if I let them!

Yep, our love banana peels as well, such quick compost :)

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