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We are enjoying our first kids so much!!   It is going to be difficult to decide who to keep and who to sell....Bling's triplets are 2 weeks old , Flower's single doe is 6 weeks old. 

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Very sweet!  It is really hard to not "collect" too many. :)

So cute! Love the blue eyes on black.

OH! Somebody please post the pic differently. I can't get it! I am only getting a huge pic that is obviously only a portion of the pic! I want to see!

Enjoy, Margaret! :)  (I hope it works)

oooh! They are all so beautiful! Blue eyes really do look best on black! They just show up so nice. Thank you Patty!

Are they all does? :-)

LOVE those stockings.  I want gray and white!!!!

Left and center are Does, the buckling is on the right. I kept the doe ("Isis") in the center.  I plan to breed her for kids in the spring of 2015. I love the stockings too! 

OK - silly question but I love pondering colors - what were the colors of Mom and Dad please!  I'd KILL to have one of my goats produce these lovely colors. I have one beautiful black doe and much of the rest of my animals are browns of one sort or another. So I'd love the have them produce a gray and white or black and white. So by discussing it - I can perhaps bring it to


Judy--The buck on the right (He became a wether) looks a lot like his Dad, the mom was black with a small amount of random white.  The Dad was blue eyed.  I was surprised that all 3 had blue eyes.  I will have kids from the same buck around May first.  I am in Indiana--where are you?

I am expecting a few on our end so no purchases to be made for a bit I suspect.  But good luck!!! 


Too cute.  I love the colors.

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