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Hello everyone! I am so excited to have found a knowledgeable group to increase my goat education! I am a retired Neonatal ICU nurse who did lots of teaching/training during my career, so I love research and learning. I did tons of research before deciding on a breed and getting my first 3 ND girls. But I must say that trying to get reliable info on all the important details has been, well, frustrating. If you ask 5 different people, you get 5 different answers!

I am very new to goats, with this being the beginning of my second year. I just LOVE Nigis!!! My 'herd' now consists of 3 registered does, a registered buck, and 2 unregistered does. I have 3 experienced does due to kid in the next several weeks and am super excited! I am lucky to have a great veterinarian at my disposal, so that has lessened my apprehension about dealing with an emergency, but I have confidence that mother nature will do her thing and we will have happy healthy kids with no interventions necessary!

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Welcome to the group! Sorry I wasn't here sooner. Ning has been having some technical issues.

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