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I have 4 does.  Three of them have scours. They were fine yesterday. They are acting normal. I am not sure what has happened to cause it. I have three theories. One- It has been horribly hot and we he have had lots of rain in the past 3 days. Could the heat have ruined the grass they eat? Two- I added a protein pail 6 days ago. They have eaten almost half of it. Could that have caused it? Or three-They could have eaten some of a left over tomato that was suppose to be eaten by the chickens. My goats are all pigs and eat like mad. I can't get a vet out until Monday to check them. What should I do? Probiotics? Electrolytes? Worming? Antibiotics? thanks

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I personally think it could have been any/all of the above three things you mentioned {but if it was only a tiny amount of tomato - maybe not that and it seems like the protein pail would have affected them sooner if it's been six days}.  I would cut back to just the normal food items {get rid of the pail for now} focusing on grass hay, and very little grain if you use it, plus their minerals.

I, personally, would add some electro's to their water, and give some Pepto Bismol today.  Give it 36 hours and go from there...from square one without extra stuff being consumed, etc.


What Dawne says sounds like a pretty reasonable start to me also. I don't really know anything about the pails. I have seen some for cows but not goats and I am concerned that they may have over done it a bit on those!

I used to use the black protein pails from Tractor Supply for my bucks because it was easier to move around with them as I rotated their pastures. However, a couple years ago, they all got scours after I put it out for the summer, so I took it away after a few days, and the scours stopped. I don't buy them anymore.

If it's a dietary issue causing the scours, you usually see an improvement in 12-24 hours after removing the offending item. Let us know how they're doing!

I removed the bucket on Friday. Saturday I gave them water with electrolytes. I also put probiotics in their food. Today their poop is much better so I am thinking it was the bucket. We have used it before and no problems. But then I only had two does. I have since added two doelings. Oh my goodness!! The older ones are so jealous of the little girls!! I think they just didn't want each other to have more than another. I trimmed hooves today and they were their usual jealous happy selves:) I love them so much despite their character flaws:) Thanks for everyones advice and reassurance!!

We had used those pails successfully too in the past, so it was really weird when all of a sudden I put a new bucket in there, and all the boys have diarrhea, but it was undeniable that there was a correlation. My only theory is that there was something wrong with that pail -- it was contaminated or maybe had too much of something in it that was causing the diarrhea.

I have never heard of protein pails before.  I learned something today.  =)  So Deborah, what do you do for extra protein now that you don't buy the pails anymore? (and why do you give extra protein?)

A protein pail or tub is basically molasses-based minerals. They're poured into a pail, so not as hard as a pressed block. Even then, you could see the goat's teeth marks on them, so I could totally understand how goats could chip a tooth on the pressed blocks, which are much harder! They also have the extra protein. I wasn't really giving it for the extra protein because it is actually a rather expensive form of protein. It was just a easy way to provide minerals for my bucks during the summer when they were being rotated through pastures where there would not be a mineral feeder because there was not a permanent shelter. They are also weather proof, so a little rain doesn't hurt them. It would melt the minerals a little bit, but that just made it easier for the boys to get it.

Sweetlix does protein tubs with Meat Maker minerals, which I have also used and never had a problem with them. I think the tubs weigh 50 pounds, so are a little bit of a challenge to handle.

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