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I have 4 does.  Three of them have scours. They were fine yesterday. They are acting normal. I am not sure what has happened to cause it. I have three theories. One- It has been horribly hot and we he have had lots of rain in the past 3 days. Could the heat have ruined the grass they eat? Two- I added a protein pail 6 days ago. They have eaten almost half of it. Could that have caused it? Or three-They could have eaten some of a left over tomato that was suppose to be eaten by the chickens. My goats are all pigs and eat like mad. I can't get a vet out until Monday to check them. What should I do? Probiotics? Electrolytes? Worming? Antibiotics? thanks

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What Dawne says sounds like a pretty reasonable start to me also. I don't really know anything about the pails. I have seen some for cows but not goats and I am concerned that they may have over done it a bit on those!

I used to use the black protein pails from Tractor Supply for my bucks because it was easier to move around with them as I rotated their pastures. However, a couple years ago, they all got scours after I put it out for the summer, so I took it away after a few days, and the scours stopped. I don't buy them anymore.

If it's a dietary issue causing the scours, you usually see an improvement in 12-24 hours after removing the offending item. Let us know how they're doing!

I removed the bucket on Friday. Saturday I gave them water with electrolytes. I also put probiotics in their food. Today their poop is much better so I am thinking it was the bucket. We have used it before and no problems. But then I only had two does. I have since added two doelings. Oh my goodness!! The older ones are so jealous of the little girls!! I think they just didn't want each other to have more than another. I trimmed hooves today and they were their usual jealous happy selves:) I love them so much despite their character flaws:) Thanks for everyones advice and reassurance!!

We had used those pails successfully too in the past, so it was really weird when all of a sudden I put a new bucket in there, and all the boys have diarrhea, but it was undeniable that there was a correlation. My only theory is that there was something wrong with that pail -- it was contaminated or maybe had too much of something in it that was causing the diarrhea.

I have never heard of protein pails before.  I learned something today.  =)  So Deborah, what do you do for extra protein now that you don't buy the pails anymore? (and why do you give extra protein?)

A protein pail or tub is basically molasses-based minerals. They're poured into a pail, so not as hard as a pressed block. Even then, you could see the goat's teeth marks on them, so I could totally understand how goats could chip a tooth on the pressed blocks, which are much harder! They also have the extra protein. I wasn't really giving it for the extra protein because it is actually a rather expensive form of protein. It was just a easy way to provide minerals for my bucks during the summer when they were being rotated through pastures where there would not be a mineral feeder because there was not a permanent shelter. They are also weather proof, so a little rain doesn't hurt them. It would melt the minerals a little bit, but that just made it easier for the boys to get it.

Sweetlix does protein tubs with Meat Maker minerals, which I have also used and never had a problem with them. I think the tubs weigh 50 pounds, so are a little bit of a challenge to handle.

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