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Well, I've been meaning to introduce myself on here for a while.  My name is Heidi and I raise vegetables, worms, chickens and 3 ND goats in the heart of Austin, TX.  We have 1/2 an acre and really awesome, understanding, supporting neighbors who love watching our kids over the fence.
We bought our doe and her 2 kids last September so we have been learning A LOT over the last few months.  We're looking forward to breeding for the first time this year and to growing more of our animals' food in our own yard.

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WOW! Backyard goats!! Very Cool!!!

Welcome, btw!

Way to go! Not all neighbors are jerks. Looks like you got good ones.
How exciting! So glad to know you're here. We're bound to have people from the city joining the group and asking about the logistics. Keeping livestock in the city is getting a lot more popular. There is a Chicago chicken, Internet group of 138 people. I hope you'll post some photos in your album, showing how your goat housing and fencing works.
I live north of Tampa - my niece lives in the middle of an older neighborhood in Tampa and kept a turkey and some chickens - she would love to have goats - I am interested in your housing as well - very cool
Welcome! Way to go on the Urban Homesteading. If you haven't already read "Backyard Homestead" you might find some good ideas for yourself. I didn't realize that there were large cities other than Seattle that were allowing small goats.

A couple of resources you might enjoy:
Seattle Goat Justice League
The City Chicken
Thanks Jane! Those are great suggestions and I'm certainly going to look into them.

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