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I was wondering what you all would suggest for this situation I am in.  An ND breeder and I agreed via email to do an exchange of 2 kids for a jr doe and some cash.  Now the breeder is telling me they no longer want to include the jr doe for one of the kids, but still wants to buy the other kid.  What is the right thing to do?  Do I have any choice if they change their mind?  Can I hold them to the agreement?  Is it worth causing hard feelings?  I can give more details if you need them, but am trying to maintain privacy.  I looked and it is no one I see on this list.

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Hmmm well, I think most breeders have it written somewhere on their websites that they get first pick on animals, so it could be that they have decided they just don't want to let that doe go after all... I think that you just need to decide if it's still worth it to you, and take it for what it is. They could have changed their minds for so many reasons... I don't think it's out of character. It would be different if you were saying they took a deposit and now won't return your money... I'm having a hard time seeing how this is different from say, taking a deposit on a doe's kids, and say they all died but one, and you wanted to keep one. So now you have to offer a kid from a different doe, or return the deposit. Seems like this kind of falls along those lines.

I agree with Rachel. I have sales fall through or change sometimes. You will have to decide whether its still worth it for you. Can always back down since they changed the terms.

*sigh*  I've never had this happen.  I really like that little doe! I feel like I gave a deposit with the trade and the breeder is trying to give the deposit back.  I wasn't offered another choice.  I value the relationship with the person over getting the goat... but hopefully we can work something out.  Here is a little more information to see if it changes your view.  I'm thinking I will just need to accept it. =(

These are the words that were written by the other breeder a month ago for the agreement:

I think (kid A) is beautiful. so I will trade (the Jr Doe) for (kid A). It is the only way we can have it done and complete and I feel better that way. (The Jr Doe) is so beautiful I was just out there going over them all (the Jr Doe) is the only one of my young ones that fits what you want and I can't expect you to wait till next years kidding to finish the deal.
I'm buying (Kid A), trading (the jr doe) for (kid B) 

This is what was said today:

I am having a hard time with this trade, I do not want to trade (the Jr Doe) for (the one kid). I feel she is worth more than (kid A) is at this point. She is 9 months old and (kid A) is barely 8 weeks old... I am sorry I just don't feel this is a good deal for me at this time. I would still like to purchase (kid B) if that is alright but do not want to proceed with the trade discussed on (the Jr Doe) and (kid A) .

Poo. That stinks...

I can see their point about the Jr. Doe being worth more than a kid (unless you have lines they are dying to get) is there a chance you could counter offer and trade all or part of the second kid in addition to the first? So they are getting two or nearly two for the price of one so to speak?

That's too bad, I understand how you feel. She is wrong to back out of your original agreement. Tough one but without a contract I don't know how you could change her mind. Many breeders reserve the right to change their minds-even with a deposit. Would be interesting to see what others have to say. I have yet to back out on a buyer yet.

They were dying to get these lines actually!  It was their idea and they were SO excited!  I was too!  Yes, I could offer more.  I have an adult buck I could offer that has similar lines.  Just wondering if what they are doing was ok.  Thanks!

Yeah... IDK... it's a tough call. So many THINGS to factor in... but in the end, if you have to force it, it's been my experience it's not worth it.

I "have" a buyer for my wether born in May of this year. She STILL hasn't called me to say she's not taking him, and if she did at this point, I would back out. She's not getting him now.

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