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Hello, I am GettingKids. We have 3kids we are visiting until we get them. They are all wethers or at least they will be when we get them. We want pet lawn mowers. It's been a many great dream and is finally coming true :) My children and I are so excited! I found this site as I'm researching all the info I can find out about ND.

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Welcome to the group! Goats are not exactly lawn mowers, as they're browsers. They will eat grass, but they'd prefer rose bushes. :) Sounds like you're excited about the pet aspect of goat ownership, and they're certainly wonderful pets.

So I've been told:) but we have a scrubby bank that is very difficult to mow. And also scrubby brush area with some goat friendly plants that are difficult to control:). The goats I'm getting have been raised on grass pasture so I'm sure they'll do just fine. It's not a front manicured lawn I'm wanting trimmed:) just less mowing and maintenance:)

Scrubby brush and hillside sound perfect for goats!

I went to see them again:) I want to at least get them used to me So we have less escape artists when they come home. They are very skittish but I'm making baby steps of progress. The twins let me touch them a tiny bit Although all the does are more interested in the treats. It'll take time but it'll be worth it if we can get them used to us and tame:) they are SO CUTE!!! Now to think of names:) I love names so am waiting till I come up with the perfect names:)

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