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Hi there

just wanted to share these photos in case they are of use to anyone else.  We have an 8 piece moveable fence.  It's permanently tied at the corners but the middle ties on each side we loosen each day to lift 2 parts to the next square of grass, it's really easy and quick.  We've had a number of goes at things to use as a rain shelter (a heavy lump of a thing that was too hard to move and then fell to pieces, a table, which was more successful) but now we have a tarpaulin which is much easier and doesn't even need extra moving because it is attached to the fences.  I saw a great tip on Facebook or somewhere about how to tie a tarpaulin without holes - you get a stone the size of a golf ball and wedge it into piece of the tarp and wrap rope tightly around it leaving long pieces of rope to use to tie the tarp to the fence.  It's worked really well!

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Cool! Thanks for sharing. Do you not have trouble with them tearing at the tarp?

No, they don't seem to do that...........?!!

Now that you ask about that, Naomi ... that sounds like a goat thing to do. However, we've strung up a tarp between trees when we're rotating our bucks through the woods, and they haven't bothered it either. I wonder if maybe they tugged on it a couple of times when it first went up and then realized it wasn't any fun? And definitely not tasty!

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