Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

for people who love the littlest dairy goats

I have so many goats for sale it could be a mini herd!  At the moment there are 15 goats in my pens!  Way too many for the winter!  Here is what I have for sale.  You can see pictures on my page under my For Sale section.

1. Tansy - Polled Doe in milk - she is 7/8 Nigerian and 1/8 Nubian.  a First Freshener giving 1-2 cups in the morning with her single doeling on her the rest of the time.  We are retaining her doeling. $250 in milk

2. Mandazi - her great grandmother earned a Superior Genetics title.  Her dam was the top milker on her farm when we purchased her.  Her sire produced many does that gave 1 quart per milking. She is also a first freshener.  Her udder is very soft and 7 months after freshening she is still giving us a cup per milking. $300 bred to CJ

3. Ahava - doeling born on 10.7.13   Beautiful fawn coloring with a white tail and frosting.  One of triplets.  Her dam gives nearly 1/2 gallon per milking. $300

4. Simcha - 2 year old buck.  His first doeling will freshen in the spring.  He is full brother to Mandazi, so check out #2 above.  He is friendly and VERY bucky. $300

5. Xerxes - 7 month old son of Mandazi.  His sire is Ferdinand who came from Camanna.  His granddams are high milkers on both sides. $200

6. CJ - small blue eyed 2 year old buck.  Out of his 5 kids this year, 2 have blue eyes and 4 are doelings.  He is the sire of Ahava.  His dam was the top milker at her farm when we purchased him.  $350

Take any three for $800. Take em all for $1500!  That's an average of $250 each! 

Make an offer and we are open to barter as well!

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