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Hi, I am new to the forum .

    I am in PA and have 3 alpine/ sanaan cross does and a Nigerian/Boar cross Billy goat. They where all born march . About 3 weeks after vaccinations, I noticed the does had swollen lymph nodes on the left side and some had abcessed. My buckling had a cough and was treated with antibiotics. I assume this is why he did not get the swollen nodes , as he was also vaccinated and lives with the girls. He was actually purchased from another herd. The does where bought together. The veterinarian did the vaccinations. The largest abscess was culture and blood tests where done on one doe. It came back CL negative. The swelling has partially resolved after antibiotic treatment and lancing.  Today I noticed another pea sized swollen node in one of the girls. All the goats seem healthy otherwise and have been wormed and treated with coccidia prophylaxis  as well.  pic is a picture of one of the nodes. 

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Vaccine abscesses happen at the site of the vaccine within a day or so of the injection, so the location of the abscesses and the timing does not work out for this to be an injection abscess. If you've had it cultured, and it's negative for CL, that's good. The question would be why are they getting them repeatedly? Sometimes, it can be an infected injury. Do you have a lot of thorn bushes or osage orange trees or mesquite trees with giant thorns? Do you have jagged wire tips that could puncture their skin?

I also want to add that abscesses have nothing to do with worms or coccidia, and it's a bad idea to treat goats for worms "just because." Here's an article that explains more about why you should ONLY give a dewormer when the goats actually need it: 

 No there is not anything sharp in the pasture. They are not injuries but enlarges lymph nodes.  The culture did not grow any known suspected pathogens.   2 of the goats have a cough , so we wormed to cover of lungworms. 

 update. Swollen nodes have mostly resolved but 2 goats have a lingering cough , the buckling  has the cough for 4 months. Their was nothing on his chest x-ray. he tested CL and CEA negative. 

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