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Did you know that what you do now can have a big impact on your kidding success in the spring? Mineral deficiencies, not recognizing the signs of a doe in heat, and holding a doe for breeding can all result in failure. 

I receive lots of emails and messages in the spring from people wondering why their doe aborted at four months or never gave birth at all -- and the answer often lies in what happened (or not) around the time of breeding. 

Because I don't want everyone to have to learn this the hard way -- and to cut down on the number of emails I receive in the spring -- I decided to create an online course to give you all the information you need for a successful breeding season. 

And I do mean it is totally free. The course includes four videos totaling more than 45 minutes, as well as six printable handouts! 

Click here for instant access to the course. It’s totally self paced, so you can watch and read when you have time. You also get lifetime access, so you can watch it again next month or next year!

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